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Gender: F Pronunciation: eye-leen Meaning of Helen: Greek, "bright, shining light"

Ilene might be a phonetic way to spell Aileen or Eileen, though in the end people may have more luck pronouncing the original.

Famous People Named Ilene

Jacqueline Ruth "Ilene" Woods, American voice actress and singer
Ilene Chaiken, American TV producer, director and writer
Ilene Kristen, American actress
Ilene Susan Graff, American actress and singer
Ilene Hamann, South African actress and model
Ilene Berns, American record producer
Ilene Prusher, American journalist and novelist
Adrienne Ilene Armstrong, wife of singer Billie Joe Armstrong

Pop Culture References for the name Ilene

Ilene Markham, Al's girlfriend on Home Improvement

Iline, Ileen, Ilyne, Ileene, Ilean