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Gender: M Meaning of Horace: "timekeeper" Origin of Horace: Latin clan name

The ancient name Horace sounds fustily fuddy-duddy, and yet, with the resurrection of Homer, and the new interest in old Roman names...who knows.

Its early popularity--it was in the Top 100 at the turn of the last century-- was spurred by admiration for the Roman poet Horace (born Quintas). Influential in American culture were newspaper editor Horace ("Go west, young man") Greeley and educator Horace Mann; Horace Silver is a jazz legend. There's also a Harry Potter character named Horace Slughorn.

Famous People Named Horace

Horace Greeley, American newspaper editor
Horace Mann, American educator and politician
Horace Walpole, English writer/historian
Horace Silver, American pianist and composer

Pop Culture References for the name Horace

Horace Bing, character in "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" series
Horace Dinsmore, father of popular 18th century historical-fiction heroine Elsie Dinsmore, by Martha Finley
Horace Clifford, character in "Captain Horace" by Sophie May
Horace Slughorn, "Harry Potter" character
Horace Horsecollar, one of Mickey Mouse's best friends
Horace, character in "The School for Wives" by Moliere
Horace Altman, best friend to Will Treaty in John Flanagan's Australian book series "Ranger's Apprentice"
Horace P. Bogardus, character from "The Bells of St. Mary's"
Horace Somnusson, character from Ransom Riggs' "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" series
Horace Diaz, character on TV's "Mighty Med"

Horace's International Variations

Horatius, Horatio (German) Horatz, Horats (Dutch) Horacio (Spanish) Orazio, Oratio (Italian)