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Gender: F Origin of Grace: English, virtue name Grace's Popularity in 2013: #22

Popularity: this week.

Grace is now just outside the Top 20, but who would have thought such a simple and pure virtue name as Grace, which originally referred to divine grace, could ever become trendy? Because that's what Grace is, chosen by boldfaced names from Mark Wahlberg to Ed Burns and Christy Turlington and given to 7,300 girls in 2013.

Grace is one of the most luminous of names, recalling the cool elegance of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. It existed as Gracia in the Middle Ages, but was not in common use until the Puritans adopted it along with other Christian attribute names in the sixteenth century. Embraced by Americans of the Victorian era, it was the eleventh most popular name in this country in 1875.

Grace is currently even more popular in other countries than it is here--Number 2 in Northern Ireland and 4 in Ireland, 8 in England and Wales, 13 in Australia, 17 in Scotland and 18 in Canada.

If Grace is too overused for you (there were well over seven thousand little Graces born last year), consider an exotic variation like Engracia or Graziella -- or the earthier Gracie. Some parents have even migrated into the boys' camp in search of Grace equivalents such as Gray or Grayson. Choosing nickname Gracie for the birth certificate is an increasingly popular option--she now ranks at Number 158.

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Famous People Named Grace

Grace Walker (male), production designer on "The Walking Dead"
Grace "Gracie" Allen, American comedian and actress
Grace Bannon, American teen actress
Grace Coddington, model
Grace Anna Coolidge, First Lady of the USA from 1923-29
Grace Pearl Ingalls Dow, daughter of Charles and Caroline Ingalls, sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Grace Darling, rescued five shipwrecked sailors near a lighthouse
Lady Grace Drummond-Hay, first woman to go around the world by air
Grace Gifford, Irish artist
Grace Dunham, American actress, poet, and younger sister of actress and writer Lena Dunham
Grace Jane Gummer, American actress
Grace Helbig, YouTube user ItsGrace; actress and comedian
Grace Hightower, American actress; wife of Robert De Niro
Grace Hopper, American computer scientist
(Beverly) Grace Jones, Jamaican singer and actress
Grace Patricia Kelly, iconic American actress and Princess of Monaco
Grace Kelly, Asian-American jazz saxophonist
Grace Lee, American author
Grace Lee, South Korean TV host
Grace Meng, American politician and House Representative
Grace Metalious, American novelist
Grace Park, Canadian actress
Grace Phipps, American actress/singer
Grace Plantagenet, illegitimate daughter of king Edward IV.
Grace Potter, American rock singer
Grace Rundhaug, American actress
Grace Slick, American singer
Grace Zabriskie, American actress
Grace (b. 2003), daughter of Christy Turlington
Gracer Avery (b. 2010), daughter of Kevin Costner
Grace Elisabeth (b. 2005), daughter of Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Grace Isabella (b. 2007), daughter of Mia Hamm
Grace Margaret (b. 2010), daughter of Mark Wahlberg
Grace Paley, writer

Pop Culture References for the Name Grace

Grace Sheffield, youngest daughter on U.S. show "The Nanny"
Grace Adler, main character on US show "Will & Grace"
Grace Van Pelt, a character in "The Mentalist"
Grace Cahill, a main character in the 2009 film "Brothers"
Grace Bertrand, "American Horror Story"
Grace Stamper, Liv Tyler's character in "Armageddon"
Grace Trey, titular character of the movie "Grace Unplugged"
Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey, In the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy
Grace Whitney - from Australian TV show, Dance Academy
Hazel Grace Lancaster, character in "The Fault In Our Stars"
Grace Kelly of "Grace Under Fire", TV show
Grace is Gone, Dave Matthews song and 2007 film
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, American rock band
Grace Brisbane, main character in Maggie Stiefivator's novel series The Wolves of Mercy Falls
Grace Peyton, one of Jackie's daughters on TV show Nurse Jackie
Grace Makutsi, assistant detective in The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency novels

Gracey, Graci, Graciane, Gracie, Graciella, Gracina, Gracinia, Gracious, Gracy, Graecie, Graice, Gratiana, Gratiela, Gratiella, Gray, Grayce, Graysie

Grace's International Variations

Grazielle (French) Gratia (German) Arete (Greek) Kalake (Hawaiian) Grania, Grainne (Irish) Graziosa, Graziella, Grazia (Italian) Grazyna (Polish) Graca, Gracinha (Portuguese) Engracia, Graciana, Gracia, Graciela (Spanish)