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Gender: F Origin of Goldie: Anglicized form of Yiddish Golde or Golda

More Sadie than Sadie, this old canasta player--somewhat modernized and energized by Goldie Hawn--looks like it could be making a comeback. It was recently chosen for her daughter by Ione Skye and Ben Lee, as well as by shoemeister Steve Madden.

Goldie was one of those saucy nickname mainstays from the late 1800's through the 1940's, topping at Number 114 in 1904-05, then sliding off the list completely in 1958.

Goldie Clemens is a major character on the TV show The New Normal.

Famous People Named Goldie

Goldie Hawn, American actress
Goldie Taylor, editor-at-large of "The Daily Beast"

Pop Culture References for the name Goldie

Goldie, character American TV show 'The New Normal'
Goldie, character in "Sin City"
Goldie, daughter of blogger Coury Combs of fancytreehouse
"Goldilocks and the Three Bears," fairy tale