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Gender: M

Variation of Gabriel

Famous People Named Gabe

Gabriel Andrew "Gabe" Carimi, American NFL football player
Gabriel Stefan "Gabe" Kapler, American baseball player
Gabriel Jordan "Gabe" Gross, American baseball player
Gabriel Howard "Gabe" Paul, American baseball manager
Gabe Ikard, American NFL football player
Gabriel Allen "Gabe" White, American NFL football player
Gabe Logan Newell, American video game developer of Valve
Gabriel W. "Gabe" Kaplan, American actor/comedian
Gabriel "Gabe" Alexander, son of American actor Jason Alexander

Pop Culture References for the name Gabe

Gabriel Susan "Gabe" Lewis, character on TV's "The Office"
Gabe Jensen, from the movie "Mindhunters" played by LL Cool J
Gabriel "Gabe" Walker, from movie "Cliffhanger" played by Sylvester Stallone
Gabe (Smelly), from the Percy Jackson Series
Gabe Goodman, character in the award-winning musical "Next to Normal"