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Gender: M Meaning of Frederick: "peaceful ruler" Origin of Frederick: German Frederick's Popularity in 2015: #517

Frederick, and friendlier nickname Fred, seemed almost to have disappeared, leaving just the memory of Freds past such as Astaire, Mr. Rogers and Flintsone, but today's parents are beginning to recognize it as a strong classic to reconsider.

Previously, Frederick had taken on a rather forbidding, foreign, military air, reminiscent of Frederick the Great, the enlightened king of Prussia who laid the foundations of the powerful Prussian empire.

For African-Americans, Frederick can be seen as a hero name, honoring Frederick Douglass, who rose from slavery to power as a political activist.

Frederick appears as a character in Shakespeare's As You Like It and the novels of, among others, Jane Austen and Henry James. The name is often streamlined to Frederic and even Fredric. And if you don't like Fred or Freddie (though we do), another nickname is Fritz.

Federico is the appealing Italian and Spanish form, as in renowned poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Famous People Named Frederick

Frederick de la Roche, sixth Latin archbishop of Tyre
Frederick I, II, and III, Holy Roman Emperors
Frederick William I-IV, Kings of Prussia
Frederick I-IX, Kings of Denmark
Frederick IV and V, Electors Palatine
Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales
Frederick Law Olmsted, American journalist and landscape designer/ designer of Central Park
Frederick H. Hedge (1805-1890), translator
Frederick Douglass, American civil rights activist
Frederick Austerlitz, birth name of American actor/dancer Fred Astaire
Frederick Carlton "Carl" Lewis, American track and field athlete
Frederick Gardner Cottrell, American inventor
Frederick Banting, Canadian physician who co-discovered insulin
Frederick Forsyth, English novelist
Frederick Sewards "Fred" Trueman, English cricketer
Frederick Hollows, Australian ophthalmologist and philanthropist
Frederick Pei Li, American physician, discoverer of Li-Fraumeni syndrome
Frederik Magle, Danish composer
Frederick Woodward Skiff, American writer and book collector
Frederick Varley, Canadian painter
Burrhus Frederick Skinner, American psychology theorist
Frederick Heyliger, Captain in the US Army's WW2 Easy Company
Frederick Dewey "Sonic" Smith, guitarist for American band MC5
Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone, son of American actress Mayim Bialik
Frederick Easton (b. 2016), son of actor Chris Klein

Pop Culture References for the name Frederick

Frederick Gaylord Crane, son of Frasier and Lilith on TV's "Cheers" and "Frasier"
Frederick Wentworth, character in Jane Austen's 'Persuasion'
Frederick, farmer in "Animal Farm" by George Orwell
Frederick "Fred" Flintstone, character on animated series "The Flintstones"
Frederick "Fred" Jones, character on animated series "Scooby-Doo"
Frederick, Maryland (city and county)
Frederick's of Hollywood, lingerie retail chain
Frederick Hale- Margaret Hale's brother in North and South
Frederick "Fred" Weasley, character in J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series
Frederick Chilton, character in Hannibal
Frederick "Freddie" McClair, deceased character from British TV show "Skins"

Frederick's International Variations

Friedel, Freidrich, Fritz, Fredi, Fritzchen (German) Frits, Freek, Frerik (Dutch) Fridrich, Bedrich (Czech) Fryderyk (Polish) Fritzi, Frides, Frigyes (Hungarian) Frederico (Portuguese) Frederik (Danish) Rieti (Finnish) Fredrik (Swedish) Frédéric (French) Fredek (Eastern European) Rico (Spanish)