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Gender: F Meaning of Francine: "from France or free man" Origin of Francine: French diminutive pet form of Francoise

With the new Pope Francis, all forms of this ancient and saintly name are up for a fresh look. Along with most other -een and -ine (when pronounced like -een) names for girls, Francine has a dated midcentury Mad Men feel. While we prefer the sedate and classic Frances or the exotic Francesca, some parents are finding new appreciation for fancy Francine.

Francine was most popular in her native habitat in the 1940's, while in the U.S. she hit her peak in 1950 at Number 224. A contemporary bearer is writer Francine Prose and comic actress Fran Drescher was born Francine. There are also Francines in two animated TV series: Arthur and American Dad.

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Famous People Named Francine

Francine Amaral, Brazilian Model
Francine Hurd Barker, American singer
Francine Berge, French actress
Francine Boucher, American singer
Francine Joy "Fran" Drescher, American actress
Francine Everette, American singer and actress
Francine du Plessix Gray, French writer
Francine Lacqua, English TV personality
Francine Lalonde, Canadian politician
Francine Lewis, English actress and comedian
Francine Locke, American actress
Francine Maisler, American director
Francine Parks, American model
Francine Rubin Pascal, American novelist
Francine Pelletier, Canadian novelist
Francine Prieto, Filipino and model
Francine Prose, American novelist
Francine Racette, French-Canadian actress
Francine Reed, American singer
Francine Sandra Rivers, American novelist
Francine Farkas Sears, American designer
Francine Shapiro, American psychologist
Francine Stock, English novelist
Francine Tacker, American actress
Francine Villeneuve, Canadian jockey
Francine Jordi Wien, Swiss singer
Francine York, American actress and model
Francine Zaslow, American photographer
Francine Rivers, American writer
Francine Valli, daughter of The Four Seasons' frontman, Frankie Valli

Pop Culture References for the name Francine

Francine, character in film "Paris, je t' aime"
Francine "Francie" Calfo, character on "Alias"
Francine Evans, character in "New York, New York"
Francine Frensky, character on "Arthur"
Francine Glatt, character in "In the Mood"
Francine Hanson, character on "Mad Men"
Francine Jones, character on "Doctor Who"
Francine Osborne, character on "Hollyoaks"
Francine "Fran" Sheffield, character on "The Nanny"
Francine Smith, character on "American Dad"
"Francine," song by ZZ Top

Franci, Francene, Franceen