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Gender: M Meaning of Florian: "flowering" Origin of Florian: Latin

If Flora and Florence have returned full force, Florian, with its trendy Latinate ending, could also have a chance. Popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland -- he was the venerated patron saint of those in danger from water and of firefighters -- might sound a tad feminine and floral to English speakers. But as a middle name, Florian could be a great way to honor grandma Florence (or any other flower name).

The second century Roman martyr St. Florian appears in Tennyson's poem "The Princess," and also in Gilbert & Sullivan's comic opera "Princess Ida." Sir Florian Eustace is an off-stage character in Trollope's novel The Eustace Diamonds, Florian Fortescue runs an ice cream shop in Harry Potter, and Florian is the real first name of singer Dido.

Famous People Named Florian

Florian Bellanger, executive French pastry chef, judge on Cupcake Wars
Hans Florian Zimmer, film and music composer/producer

Pop Culture References for the name Florian

Florian Fortescue, minor character in the Harry Potter books
Florian, mentioned in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin
Florian, one of four main characters in Ruta Sepetys' book, Salt to the Sea

Floryan, Florien, Florean, Florrian