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Gender: F Origin of Ever: Word name

Ever is a name we first heard via the now grown-up Ever Carradine, daughter of Robert. It's a truly unusual and simple name with an evocative meaning. Milla Jovovich and Paul Anderson chose it for their daughter.

Ever has ties to (primarily male) names in the Scandinavian and Hebrew cultures.

The psychic protagonist of Alyson Noel's YA fantasy novel Evermore is named Ever Bloom.

Famous People Named Ever

Ever Carradine, American actress
Ever Gabo Anderson, daughter of actress Milla Jovovich
Ever Belle Yeoman, daughter of Owain Yeoman & Gigi Yallouz

Pop Culture References for the name Ever

Ever, blogger Courtney Kendrick's first daughter
Ever, a minor character in Season 4 of "Gossip Girl"
Ever, protagonist and narrator of all the books in the Immortals series by Alyson Noel
Ever, Wren Connolly's roommate in the book "Reboot" by Amy Tintera
Ever, protagonist in Donna Cooner's book "Skinny"