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Gender: F Pronunciation: yoo-zhay-nee Meaning of Eugenie: "wellborn" Origin of Eugenie: French form of Eugenia, Greek

Eugenie enjoyed a major dusting off when Fergie and Prince Andrew chose it for their daughter, restoring a patina of royal sheen it hadn't had since the time of Napoleon III's glamorous empress--who spent much of her life in England. It was also borne by Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, after whom Prince Andrew's younger daughter was named.

Eugenie is the title character of a Balzac novel, Eugenie Grandet and also the full name of Scarlet and Rhett's daughter, nicknamed Bonnie Blue because of the color of her eyes, in Gone With the Wind.

The elegant Eugenie is pronounced yoo-zhay-nee, versus yoo-jeen-ya for Eugenia.

Famous People Named Eugenie

Eugénie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III of France
Eugenie Victoria Helena, Princess of York, younger daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg (born Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena), Queen of Spain, wife of Alfonso XIII
Eugenie, princess of Sweden and Norway
Eugénie Hortense Auguste Napoléone de Beauharnais, princess of Leuchtenberg
Eugenie Ann "Genie" Francis Frakes, soap opera actress and wife of Jonathan Frakes
Eugenie "Genie" Bouchard, Canadian tennis player
Eugénie Anne Claudine Le Sommer, French footballer
Eugenie Besserer, American actress
Eugenie Forde, American silent film actress
Eugénie D'Hannetaire (born Marie-Louis-Philippine-Eugénie Servandoni), French actress
Eugénie de Guérin, French writer

Pop Culture References for the name Eugenie

"Eugénie Grandet," 1833 novel by Honoré de Balzac
"Eugénie Sandler P.I.," Australian children's TV series
"Eugénie," play by Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais
Eugenie Danglars, daughter of Baron Danglars in "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas