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Gender: F Meaning of Irma: German, diminutive of several names, meaning "universal, complete"

Once, believe it or not, seemed more stylish than Irma.

Famous People Named Erma

Erma Louise Bombeck, American journalist and author
Erma Vernice Franklin, American R&B singer, sister of Aretha Franklin
Erma M. Bergmann, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League pitcher
Erma Perham Proetz, American ad exec; first woman inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame

Pop Culture References for the name Erma

Erma Felna, character in comic book series "Erma Felna: EDF" by Steve Gallacci

Irminie, Irminia, Irma, Hermine, Hermia, Erminia, Erminie, Herminie, Ermelinda, Hermione, Ermina