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Gender: F Pronunciation: EH-rick-ah Origin of Erika: Spelling variation of Erica. Erika's Popularity in 2014: #678

More spunky and Nordic looking variant of Erica, but the K also makes the connection to the beautiful flower less apparent.

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Famous People Named Erika

Erika Eleniak, American actress
Erika "Kika" Markham, English actress
Erika Umeda former Jpop star in the jpop band "C-ute" and now a model
Erika Cook, American reality show participant and winner of the fourth season of Endurance

Pop Culture References for the name Erika

Erika, the pauper in animated Barbie movie "The Princess and the Pauper"
Erika, the name of all the angels in the podcast "Welcome To Night Vale"
Erika, grass-type gym leader from the Pokemon games and anime.