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Gender: F Origin of Eponine: French literary name

Eponine is attracting new notice via the movie of Les Miserables, based on the book by Victor Hugo. Eponine is the spoiled daughter of Cosette's foster parents whose name, according to the story, was lifted by her mother from a romance novel. As in a romance, Eponine redeems herself by becoming a martyr to love.

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Famous People Named Eponine

Eponina/Epponina, wife of Gallo-Roman rebel Julius Sabinus

Pop Culture References for the name Eponine

Éponine Thénardier, character in the book/musical "Les Miserables"
"You remember Eponina, who kept her husband alive in an underground cavern so devotedly and heroically? The force of character she showed in keeping up his spirits would have been used to hide a lover from her husband if they had been living quietly in Rome. Strong characters need strong nourishment." [Stendhal, "de l'Amour," 1822]
Related to Epona, the Celtic goddess of horses ("the Great Mare")