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Gender: F

Endellion is the name of an early saint who was a daughter of King Brychan and goddaughter of King Arthur whose life is commemorated by the Cornish village of St. Endellion. This intriguing ancient name was brought into modern usage by British Prime Minister David Cameron, who used it as one of the middle names for his fourth child.

The Latinized form of the name is Endelienta.

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Famous People Named Endellion

Florence Rose Endellion Cameron, b. 2010, daughter of British Prime Minister David Cameron

Pop Culture References for the name Endellion

'St Endellion! St Endellion! The name is like a ring of bells...' [John Betjemen, First and Last Loves, 1952]
Endelienta: a saint who, according to tradition, had a cow which was killed by the lord of Trenteny. King Arthur was her godfather and either killed the wrongdoer himself or had him killed. Endelienta revived the dead man.
Endellionite was the original name of the mineral bournonite, since the antimonial lead ore was first identified by Count Bournon near Endellion, Cornwall.