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Gender: F

Romanian variation of Amy.

Spanish variation of Emily.

Variation of Émer

Variation of Emma

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Famous People Named Ema

Ema Burgic, Bosnian tennis player
Ema Klinec, Slovenian ski jumper
Ema Kogure, Japanese voice actress
Ema Kuribayashi, Japanese cricketer
Ema Puksec, Croatian soprano opera singer
Ema Shah, Kuwaiti singer-songwriter
Ema Toyama, Japanese manga artist
Ema Destinnová, birth name of Czech operatic soprano Emmy Destinn

Pop Culture References for the name Ema

Ema, small wooden plaques on which Shinto worshipers write prayers
Ema Datshi, famous Bhutanese dish (chili peppers & cheese)
Ema Gordon Klabin Cultural Foundation, Brazilian art museum
Ema Maeda, character in anime/manga "Love Hina"
Ema Skye, character from the Ace Attorney video game series