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Gender: M Meaning of Elliot: "Jehovah is God" Origin of Elliot: Anglicization of Elijah or Elias Elliot's Popularity in 2015: #208

Elliot (which boasts several spellings depending upon how many 'l's or 't's you want to use) is a winner -- it has the ideal quality of being neither too common nor weirdly unique. Elliot had a style boost back in the early 1980s via the young hero of the movie E.T. , who was named Elliot. Since then there have been Elliots on Law & Order: SVU and Mad Men.

Two of the name's spellings are running neck and neck: in 2015 Elliot was Number 208, Elliott 213. It is even more popular in countries like England and Sweden.

Elliott namesakes include composer Carter, actor Gould, and photographer Erwitt.

Famous People Named Elliot

Elliot Knight, English actor
Elliot Cowan, English actor
Elliot Richardson, Attorney General
Elliot De Niro, Son of actor/filmmaker Robert Henry De Niro Jr. and famous
family/model Grace Hightower
Maxfield Elliot Mabius, Son of actor Eric Mabius
Adam Elliot, Australian Academy Award Winner
Lord Elliot, title of the Earl of Minto
(Mama) Cass Elliot, American singer - pseudonym of Ellen Naomi Cohen
Charles Elliot, British diplomat
Sir Edmund Halbert Elliot
Edward Hay Mackenzie Elliot, Scottish amateur footballer who played against England in 1871 and 1872
Sir Francis Elliot, British diplomat, envoy to Greece
Helen Elliot, Scottish table tennis player
Jim Elliot, American missionary
Justine Elliot, Australian politician
Robert Elliot, English/Irish Footballer
Robert Henry Elliot, Scottish agriculturalist
Elliot Abravanel, American physician and diet counselor
Elliot Anderson, American politician and a Democratic member of the Nevada Assembly
Elliot Aronson, American psychologist
Elliot Balchin, actor who has had roles in various British television series
Elliot Benyon, English footballer
Elliot Bigelow, right fielder in Major League Baseball
Elliot Brown, English actor
Elliot Bunney, Scottish athlete
Elliot Caplin, American comic strip writer
Elliot Chorley, former Canadian ice hockey right winger
Elliot Cowan, English actor
Elliot D. Coleman, cotton planter and law-enforcement officer
Elliot Daingerfield, American artist
Elliot Daly, English rugby union footballer
Elliot Davis, British composer, musician, and music documentary maker
Elliot Dee, Welsh rugby union player
Elliot del Borgo, American composer for winds and strings
Elliot Dixon, professional rugby union player
Elliot E. Cohen, founder-editor of Commentary Magazine
Elliot Easton, lead guitarist for the Cars
Elliot Eisner, American educational theorist and art educator
Eliot Engel, U.S. Representative for New York's 16th congressional district
Elliot Evans, English teen pop singer
Elliot Gleave, British singer/rapper
Elliot Goldenthal, American composer
Elliot Levine, American jazz keyboardist
Elliot McAdam, former Australian politician
Elliot N. Dorff, Conservative rabbi
Elliot Pennington, American figure skater
Elliot Richardson, American politician
Eliot Spitzer, American politician
Elliot M See, American astronaut

Pop Culture References for the name Elliot

Elliot Stabler, character in "Law & Order SVU"
Elliot Minor, British rock band
Elliot, character in "Open Season"
Elliot DiMauro , character in "Just Shoot Me!"
Elliot Grey, character in 'Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy
Elliot Grant, character in "Mew Mew Power"
Billy Elliot - the musical
Little Jock Elliot, Scottish border ballad
Elliot Edwards, one of two protagonists in the Sega Saturn video game NiGHTS into Dreams...
Elliot Reid, female character in Scrubs
Elliot, male main character in the film "E T the extraterrestrial"
Anne Elliot, in Jane Austen's "Persuasion"
Elliot from "Pete's Dragon"
Elliot, character in the "House of Night Series" (PC Cast)
Elliot Weston, character from TV's "Thirtysomething"
Elliot Alderson, the main character in the TV show "Mr. Robot"
Elliot, character in "Young & Hungry"
Elliot Baranski, main character in "The Colours of Madeleine" trilogy by Jaclyn Moriarty
Dr. Elliot Dixon, character on TV's "Code Black"

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