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Gender: F Meaning of Elizabeth: "pledged to God" Origin of Elizabeth: Hebrew Elizabeth's Popularity in 2014: #14

Elizabeth, one of the premiere classic girls' names, is now just outside the Top 10 at Number 14, having been replaced in 2014 by the rising Charlotte. Yet Elizabeth has so much going for it—rich history, broad appeal, and timeless style—that no matter how many little girls there are named Lizzie, Eliza, and Beth out there, you can still make Elizabeth your own.

Elizabeth nicknames on the table today include Libby, Bess, Tibby, and even the so-antiquated-it's-cool Betty. Also in play is the fashionable Eliza. There has been only one year since 1880 that Elizabeth slipped one place below the Top 25, and that was in 1945—when Betty was Number 11.

In the Bible, Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist, and two of England's most notable queens have been Elizabeth I and II. Another memorable bearer was Elizabeth Taylor—who hated to be called Liz.

The Elisabeth spelling, found in several cultures, is represented by such notables as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth Shue, Elisabeth Moss, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Elisabeth is nicknamed Bethsy in Buddenbrooks, Bep in The Diary of Anne Frank, and Betsy in Wolverine.

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Famous People Named Elizabeth

Saint Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist
Elizabeth I, Queen of England (reigned 1558 - 1603)
Elizabeth II (born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary), Queen of the United Kingdom (reigned 1952 - present)
Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother, wife of King George VI and mother of Queen Elizabeth II
Elizabeth (Elizaveta Petrovna), Empress of Russia
Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia
Elizabeth Woodville, wife of King Edward IV of England
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, American suffragette and social activist
Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, American actress
Elizabeth Irene (Mitchell) Banks, American actress
Elizabeth Stamatina "Tina" Fey, American actress/comedienne
Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, English novelist
Elizabeth Egan "Liz" Gillies, American actress/singer
Elizabeth Jane "Liz" Hurley, English actress
Elizabeth Lee McGovern, American actress
"Miss" Elizabeth Ann Hulette, American pro wrestling manager
Elizabeth Chase Olsen, American actress and sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Elizabeth "Liz" Smylie, Australian tennis player
Elizabeth Ann Perkins, American actress
Elizabeth Kortright Monroe, wife of U.S. President James Monroe
Elizabeth "Lizzy" Woolridge Grant, birth name of Lana Del Rey, American singer-songwriter
Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery, American actress
(Mary) Elizabeth Anania Edwards, wife of American politician John Edwards
Elizabeth Debicki, Australian actress
Elizabeth "Ellie" Kemper, actress
Elizabeth Gilbert, American novelist
Elizabeth Blackwell, first woman physician in the U.S.
Elizabeth Rodriguez, American actress
(Elizabeth) Malese Jow, American actress
Elizabeth "Liz" Murray, subject of movie "Homeless to Harvard"
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, English poet
Elizabeth of Luxembourg, Queen consort of Germany, Hungary and Bohemia
Elizabeth, Queen consort of Bohemia
Elizabeth of Aragon, Queen consort of Portugal
Elizabeth of Poland, Queen of Hungary
Elizabeth Boleyn, Countess of Wiltshire
Elizabeth the Cuman, Queen consort of Stephen V of Hungary
Elizabeth Scott, American novelist
Elizabeth Henstridge, British actress
Elizabeth "Lzzy" Hale, American frontwoman of rock band Halestorm
Elizabeth "Busy" Jean Phillips, American actress
Elizabeth Ann Hanks, daughter of actor Tom Hanks

Pop Culture References for the Name Elizabeth

Elizabeth "Bess" Faulkner McCord, charater on TV's "Madam Secretary"
Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem, character on TV's "Skins"
Elizabeth "Liz" Lemon, character on TV's "30 Rock"
Elizabeth Swan, character from the Pirates of the Caribbean series
Elizabeth Bennet, main character in 'Pride and Prejudice'
Elizabeth Imogene Webber, character on soap "General Hospital"
Elizabeth Wakefield, main character in the Sweet Valley Twins series
Little Elizabeth, character in "Anne of Windy Poplars" by L.M. Montgomery
Elizabeth Middleford, character in the anime/manga "Black Butler"
Elizabeth Warden, character on British sitcom "Keeping Up Appearances"
Elizabeth Brooke "Lizzie" McGuire, main character on TV's "Lizzie McGuire"
Emily Elizabeth Howard, character in the Clifford the Big Red Dog series
Elizabeth "Betty" DeVille, character on animated series "Rugrats"
Elizabeth Corday, character on TV's "ER"
Elizabeth Weir, character on TV's "Stargate: Atlantis"
Elizabeth Lavenza from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Elizabeth Lane, character in movie "Christmas in Connecticut"
Elizabeth Holland, character in The Luxe series by Anna Godberson
Elizabeth "Batty" Penderwick, character in The Penderwicks series by Jeanne Birdsall
Kurt Elizabeth Hummel, character on TV's "Glee"
Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock aka Psylocke, character in X-Men comics
Elizabeth, fiancee in movie "Young Frankenstein"
Elizabeth "Bets" Hilton, character in Enid Blyton's Five Findouters book series
Elizabeth "Lizzie/Liz" Keen from the TV show "The Blacklist"

Alizabeth, Bess, Bessi, Bessie, Bessy, Bet, Beth, Betsey, Betsi, Betsie, Betsy, Bett, Bette, Bettey, Bettie, Betty, Buffy, Elisabeth, Elisabith, Elisheba, Elisheva, Elizabee, Ellie, Ellisa, Ellsi, Ellspet, Ellyse, Ellyssa, Ellyza, Elsee, Elsy, Elysabeth, Elyse, Elyssa, Elyza, Elyzza, Leesa, Leeza, Libbi, Libby, Lilabet, Lilibet, Lilibeth, Lisabet, Lisabeth, Lisanne, Lisbeth, Liz, Lizabeth, Lizanne, Lizbet, Lizbeth, Lizzi, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lysa, Lyssie, Lyza, Lyzanne, Lyzbet, Lyzbeth, Lyzbette, Lyzette

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