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Gender: M Origin of Eliseo: Italian and Spanish variation of Elisha Eliseo's Popularity in 2015: #911

This Latinate name would have no problem fitting into an American classroom.

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Famous People Named Eliseo

Eliseo Salazar (Valenzuela), Chilean racing driver
(José) Eliseo Payán (Hurtado), 1st Vice President of Colombia
Eliseo Brown, Argentine footballer
Eliseo Grenet (Sánchez), Cuban pianist and composer
Eliseo Alberto Subiela, Argentine film director and writer
Eliseo Vasquez Medina, Mexican-American labor activist
Eliseo Antonio Quintanilla (Ortíz), Salvadoran footballer
(José) Eliseo Salamanca (Bermúdez), Salvadoran footballer
Eliseo Álvarez, Uruguayan footballer
Eliseo Roque Rivero (Pérez), Uruguayan footballer
Eliseo Martín (Omenat), Spanish Olympic runner
Eliseo Valdés Erutes, Cuban painter and sculptor

Pop Culture References for the name Eliseo

Nickname possibilities: El, Leo, Seo, Eli

Cheo, Cheyo, Elisaeo, Elisio, Elizeo, Licha, Elesio

Eliseo's International Variations

Elisée (French) Yelisei (Russian)