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Gender: F Pronunciation: EE-dee Meaning of Edie: "prosperous in war" Origin of Edie: English, diminutive of Edith

Edie is part of the Evie-Ellie et al family of cute and friendly short forms that sometimes stand on its own. Briefly popular in the 1960's, it could well be due for rediscovery.

Several Ediths have chosen to be known by this pet form, including socialite and Andy Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick, actress Edie Falco, singer Edie Brickell and the Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy relatives called Big and Little Edie in the iconic documentary Grey Gardens. Edie Britt was the character portrayed by Nicolette Sheridan in Desperate Housewives.

British actress Samantha Morton chose Edie for her daughter as did Keira Knightly in 2015. We think Edie is going to continue to rise in the coming years.

Famous People Named Edie

Edie Arlisa Brickell, American singer
Edie McClurg, American actress
Edie Martin, English actress
Edie Parker, first wife of Jack Kerouac
Edie Holm, daughter of Samantha Morton & Harry Holm
Edith Ewing Bouvier, aka "Big Edie"; and Edith Bouvier Beale, aka "Little Edie" - American socialites (mother/daughter) from the documentary "Grey Gardens"
Edie Righton, daughter of Keira Knightley and James Righton

Pop Culture References for the name Edie

Edie Grant, Lou's wife on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
Great Aunt Edie, character on TV's "The Middle"
Edie Britt Williams, character on TV's "Desperate Housewives"
Edie Athens, character in movie "Be Cool"
Edie Smith, character on British soap "EastEnders"
Edie, baby girl character on TV's "Grandfathered"

Edy, Edeigh, Edi, Edea, Edee