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Gender: M Meaning of Dustin: "Thor's stone" Origin of Dustin: Norse Dustin's Popularity in 2015: #505

Dustin's popularity in recent years has probably had more due to its similarity to Justin than to idolization of Dustin Hoffman -- himself named after silent screen cowboy star Dustin Farnum -- who certainly was the one to put it on the name map. In recent years, golfer Dustin Johnson has brought fresh renown to the name.

Caveat: Hoffman has confessed that his schooldays nickname was "Dustbin."

Famous People Named Dustin

Dustin Lee Hoffman, American actor
Dustin Luis Pedroia, American baseball player
Dustin Hunter Johnson, American golfer
Dustin Lance Black, American screenwriter
Dustin Clare, New Zealand actor
Dustin Ray Byfuglien, American hockey player
Dustin James Brown, American hockey player
Dustin Farr Colquitt, American football player
Dustin Kendall Keller, American football player
Dustin Charles Lynch, American country music singer
Dustin Neil Diamond, American actor
Dustin Dollin, Australian pro skateboarder
Dustin Ransom, American session musician
Dustin Gee (born Gerald Harrison), English comedian
Dustin Michael Kensrue, American musician of band Thrice
Dustin Breeding, American singer of R&B group B5
Dustin Moskovitz, American cofounder of Facebook
Dustin Patrick Runnels aka Goldust, American pro wrestler
Dustin Miles, son of American actress Elaine Miles

Pop Culture References for the name Dustin

Dustin Brooks, character on TV's "Zoey 101"
Dustin Kudlick, main character in newspaper comic strip "Dustin"
Dustin Prince, character in video game 'Ace Attorney'
Dustin Langerak, character in computer game "The Sims 3"
Dustin the Big Hopper, character in musical "Starlight Express"

Duston, Dustyn, Dusty, Dusten, Dustan