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Gender: M Meaning of Dominic: "belonging to the lord" Origin of Dominic: Latin Dominic's Popularity in 2015: #68

Dominic is a name with two very different images: In Britain, it's an upper-crust staple, while in the U.S., it still retains a bit of downmarket Jersey Shore feel. We say it's a strong, venerable name deserving of respect on both sides of the pond, which it is finally getting. Dominic is now at Number 68, having been in the top 100 since 2002.

In use in the English-speaking world since medieval times, its most famous bearer was St. Dominic, founder of the Dominican order of monks in the thirteenth century. In the past it has been given to boys born on Sunday.

Dominic West was one of the charismatic stars of The Wire and The Affair; Mario Lopez named his son Dominic, nicknamed Nico.

Famous People Named Dominic

Dominic Bernard Patrick Luke Monaghan, English actor
Dominic Frontiere, American composer
Dominic Cooper, English actor
Dominic Sena, American film director
Dominic "Don" Ameche, American actor
Dominic Frontiere, American composer
Dominic Raiola, American NFL football player
Dominic Scott Kay, young American actor
Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, son of Snooki
Dominick "Dom" DeLuise (1933-2009), American actor, comedian, film director, TV producer, chef, & author
Dominic San Rocco Seagal, son of actor Steven Seagal
Dominic Landes, son of American actor Michael Landes
Dominic Cifarelli, Canadian musician played bass for "Scars on Broadway"
Dominic Sandoval, comedy youtuber
Dominic Colenso, actor, best known for the movie "Thunderbirds" playing Virgil Tracy
Dominic "Nico" Lopez, son of Mario Lopez
Dominic West, English actor starring in Showtime's "The Affair"
Dominic "Dom" Anthony Sherwood, English actor starring in Freeform's "Shadowhunters"
Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell, English-Australian actor

Pop Culture References for the name Dominic

Dominic Toretto, Fast & Furious movie series
Dominic Fortune, comic book character
Dominic, boy in movie "Kindergarten Cop"
Dominic, a character in "V for Vendetta"
Dominic Collier, from the TV series "Harry"
Dominic Emmerson, from Australian TV soap "Neighbours"
Dominic, character on TV's "Chasing Life"

Dominic's International Variations

Dominique (French) Menico (Italian) Chuma, Chumin, Chuminga, Domenico, Domicio, Domingo, Dominguez, Mingo (Spanish) Txomin (Basque) Domenge (Catalan) Domingos (Portuguese) Dominik, Donek, Niki (Polish) Dimitru (Romanian) Dima, Dimitre, Dmitri, Dmitrik, Mitya (Russian) Dmitro (Ukrainian)