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Gender: F Origin of Diamond: Gem name

Diamond sparkled all through the nineties--reaching as high as Number 150 in 1999. Although its shine has diminished quite a bit, it remains in use.

Followers of the British royal family may know that the name was given in honor of Queen Victoria's sixtieth anniversary on the throne - her Diamond Jubilee. It's said that the queen asked that her granddaughter, born in 1897 during the jubilee year, be named Diamond. But Victoria's son, the future George V, chose Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary instead.

Famous People Named Diamond

Male actor Lou Diamond Phillips
Dustin Neil Diamond, American actor
Diamond Jenness, male renowned Canadian scientist and anthropologist
Diamond McKinney, creator of the YouTube Sims 3 series "Anon." and author of the "Anon." novels
Peter Diamond, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
Diamond White - American Singer
Diamond Stone - male NBA player for Maryland

Pop Culture References for the name Diamond

A diamond is a gemstone for the month April
Diamond Tiara, character in TV show, 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'
Diamond Jozu, character in manga\anime One Piece
Yellow Diamond, character on animated series "Steven Universe"
Diamond Took, Pippin's wife in Lord of the Rings

Diamund, Diamonte, Diamyn, Diamunde, Dyamond, Diamin, Diamon, Diamonda, Diamonde