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Gender: F Origin of Devon: English place-name

This spelling of Devon, as opposed to Devin or Devan, makes it a pretty and popular British place-name, evoking the beautiful county of farmlands and dramatic seascapes and moors in southwest England. A stylish ambi-gender name particularly well used in the early nineties, Devon remains an attractive option--though be aware that at this point in time, it is used more frequently for boys.

Famous People Named Devon

Devon Aoki, American actress and model
Devon Bostick, American actor
Devon Werkheiser, American actor
Devon Windsor, American model who has walked for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show since 2013.

Pop Culture References for the name Devon

Devon Shepherd McFadden, from "All My Children"

Devona, Devan, Devvon, Devonne, Deaven, Devin, Davon, Devinne, Devann, Deven, Devyn, Devaughn