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Gender: F Meaning of Dana: "from Denmark" Origin of Dana: English Dana's Popularity in 2014: #789

This name found in both Celtic and Scandinavian mythology has gone from all-boy to almost all-girl, retaining a strong, slightly boyish quality; the birth name of Queen Latifah.

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Famous People Named Dana

Dana Bash, American journalist and CNN correspondent (pronounces her name with a short "a" sound, as in "Dan")
Dana Delany, American actress
Dana Plato, American actress
Dana Vollmer, American swimmer and Olympic Gold Medalist
Dana White, President of the UFC
Dana Marie Perino, American political pundit

Pop Culture References for the name Dana

Dana Katherine Scully, character from "The X-Files"
Dana Fairbanks, character from the "The L-Word"
Dana Mercer, character from the game Prototype
Dana Brody, character on the Showtime's "Homeland"
Intern Dana Cardinal, character from the podcast "Welcome to Night Vale"
Dana Tasker, from movie "True Lies"
Dr Dana Stowe, from TV series "Strong Medicine"
Dana Jones, character from the movie "Friday"
Dana Tressler, from the movie "Flipped"
Dana, main character in "Blue Crush 2"
Dana Freeling, character in "Poltergeist"
Dana Polk, (played by Kristen Connolly) character from the movie "Cabin in the Woods"
Dana Knightstone, fictional writer from Big Fish Games' Dana Knightstone series
Edana "Dana" Franklin, main character of the novel "Kindred"
Dana Shulps, anagram from TV's Supernatural

Danna, Daina, Danula, Danah, Danalee, Danae, Dainna, Dayna, Danacia, Danette

Dana's International Variations

Danka, Danulka (Czech) Danuta (Polish)