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Gender: M Meaning of Damian: "to tame, subdue" Origin of Damian: Greek Damian's Popularity in 2015: #116

Damian has sidestepped its demonic horror movie overtones, leaving a basically friendly and charming Irish image. A well-used upper-class name in England, it is growing in popularity here. It entered the ranks in 1952, and has made a gradual climb to its current point -- Number 116, slightly down from its peak in 2012.

There are several saints by this name, including an early one who was a renowned healer.

Damian Lewis is a British actor, the star of Homeland and now Billions, Damian Marley, youngest son of Bob Marley, is a Grammy-winning reggae artist in his own right.

The French spelling Damien is also frequently used -- it now ranks at Number 254 .

Famous People Named Damian

St. Damian, twin brother Cosmas
Damian Lewis, English actor
Damian McGinty, Irish actor and singer
Damian Williams, American football player
Damian Musk, son of American billionaire Elon Musk
Damian Angelo Geronimo, son of Buse Ünlü & Geronimo Firgilio
St. Damian of Molokai, priest and missionary to the 19th century Hawaiian leper colony
Damian Lillard, American basketball player

Pop Culture References for the name Damian

Damian Spinelli, character from General Hospital
Damian Wayne, current Robin to the DC Comics character Batman
Damian Henry, from the TV series "Six Degrees"
Damian Tenma, character from the game Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies
Damian Thorn, Manifestation of the antichrist in "The Omen" franchise
Damian Smerk, character in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series

Daimen, Daemon, Damianus, Dameon, Daymian, Daymen, Damyen, Damianos, Damiane, Damen, Damion, Damon, Dayman

Damian's International Variations

Damiano (Italian) Damyan, Damien, Damyon, Dema, Demyan (Russian) Damião (Portuguese) Damek, Damjan (Hungarian) Damián (Spanish) Daman (Irish) Dyfan (Welsh)