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Gender: F Meaning of Concordia: "peace, harmony" Origin of Concordia: Latin

This name of the goddess of peace creates a lovely ideal.

Famous People Named Concordia

Sister Concordia Scott (born Caroline), 1924–2014, Scottish sculptor and Benedictine nun
Concordia Selander, 1861–1935, Swedish actress

Pop Culture References for the name Concordia

Roman goddess of concord and harmony, Concordia.
The 'Costa Concordia' was a cruise ship that crashed off the coast of Italy in 2012.
Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Concordia salus, Latin for 'well-being through (civic) harmony' – motto of Montreal
Means 'harmony, agreement, union' in Latin – a word derived from concors (genitive concordis) 'of the same mind', literally 'with (one) heart', from com- 'together, with' + cor 'heart'
Pronounced 'kən-KORR-dee-ə™' (like the related word 'concordance')

Cordaye, Concord, Con, Cordae, Concorde