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Gender: F Meaning of Clare: "bright, clear" Origin of Clare: Latin Clare's Popularity in 2015: #730

This is the original, more prosaic spelling, but the airier Claire now dominates.

Famous People Named Clare

Saint Clare of Assisi
Clare Bowen, Australian actress
Clare Grant, American actress & producer
Clare Boothe Luce, ambassador and author
Clare Torry, British singer
Clare Balding, British television presenter, journalist and retired amateur jockey
Clare Burson, American singer-songwriter
Clare Potter, fashion designer
Clare Preuss, Canadian actress
Clare Eames, Broadway actress
Clare Asquith, countess, scholar, and playwright
Clare Leighton, English/American artist
Clare Buckfield, English actress; twin sister Julie Buckfield
A county in the west of Ireland.
A town in South Australia known for it's wineries.
Clare Elizabeth Kramer, American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Clare

Clare Abshire, main character in The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Clare Diana Edwards, Degrassi character
Clare Arnold, character from 90210
Clare, the main protagonist of the manga series "Claymore"
St Clare's, name of the fictional school in the book by Enid Blyton
Clare Fitzgerald, protagonist of "The Ghost in the Glass House" by Carey Wallace