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Gender: F Origin of Chastity: Virtue name

One of the original so-weird-it's-cruel starbaby names doesn't sound quite so impossible with the resurgence of virtue names. But be charitable and choose Charity instead. Variations: Chasa Dee, Chasadie, Chasady, Chasaty, Chasidee, Chasidey, Chasidie, Chasidy, Chasiti, Chasitie, Chasitti, Chasity, Chassedi, Chassidi, Chassidy, Chassiti, Chassity, Chassy, Chasta, Chastady, Chastidy, Chastin, Chastitee, Chastitie, Chastitey, Chastney, Chasty, Chasydi.

Famous People Named Chastity

Chastity Sun Bono, the birth name of Chaz Bono

Pop Culture References for the name Chastity

Chastity, character in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" by J.K. Rowling