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Gender: F Pronunciation: bron-tay Meaning of Bronte: "thunder" Origin of Bronte: Greek

This lovely surname of the three novel-writing sisters, now used as a baby name, makes a fitting tribute for lovers of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. While the original name took an umlaut over the e, modern English speakers may find that more trouble than it's worth. Trivia note: The Anglo-Irish clergyman who was the father of Charlotte, Emily and Anne changed his name from the original Brunty. According to scholars, the family pronounced the name brun-tee, though in the 21st century world it's commonly pronounced bron-tay.

Many people first noticed the name in the film Green Card, as the name of the Andie MacDowell character.

Famous People Named Bronte

Charlotte Bronte, English novelist
Emily Bronte, English novelist
Anne Bronte, English novelist
Bronte Campbell (b. 1994), Australian swimmer
Bronte Barratt (b. 1989), Australian swimmer

Pop Culture References for the name Bronte

Bronte, Andie McDowell's character name in the movie "Green Card"

Bronte is the main female character in the book Bruiser by Neil Shusterman, which was on the Sequoya list.