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Gender: M Meaning of Brody: "ditch" Origin of Brody: Scottish Brody's Popularity in 2015: #105

The energetic Brody is a perfect example of when bad meanings happen to good names. Brody, now more common than Brady, fell just outside the Top 100 in 2015 after six years inside; it now sits at Number 105. An alternate spelling is Brodie.

Bruce Jenner named his son Brody before he fell under the sway of the Kardashian K-naming klan, and volleyball ace Gabrielle Reese used the name for her daughter. The Brody on TV's Homeland is known by his surname; his first name is Nicholas.

Famous People Named Brody

(Sam) Brody Jenner, American television personality ("The Hills," "Keeping Up with the Kardashians")
Brody Stevens (born Steven James Brody), American comedian
(William) Brody Eldridge, American football player
(Ian) Brody Hutzler, American actor
Brody Smith, Canadian actor
Adrien Brody, American actor
Brody Dalle, American singer (female)
Brody Jo Hamilton, daughter of Laird Hamilton & Gabrielle Reece
Brody Ryan Tarrant (b. 2010), son of Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant of "16 and Pregnant"

Pop Culture References for the name Brody

Brody Lovett, character on American soap "One Life to Live"
Brody Davis, character on TV's "Roswell"
Brody Weston, character on TV's "Glee"
Nicholas Brody (goes by Brody), character on TV's "Homeland"
Kyle Brody (goes by Brody), character on TV's "Charmed"
Jason Brody, main character in video game Far Cry 3
Martin Brody, character in film "Jaws"

Brodee, Brodey, Brodie, Broedy