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Gender: M Meaning of Bo: "to live" Origin of Bo: Norse nickname Bo's Popularity in 2015: #616

A popular name in Denmark, in this country Beau would have more substance.

Famous People Named Bo

Bo Bice, American singer
Bo Dallas, American professional wrestler
Bo Diddley, American musician
Bo Derek, American actress (born Mary Cathleen Collins)
Bo-Jared Mitt, American Actor/Singer
Robert "Bo" Burnham, American comedian
Bo Goldman, Oscar winning American Screenwriter
Jeong Bo Kyeong, South Korean judoka

Pop Culture References for the name Bo

Bo from TV's 'Lost Girl', named after her grandmother Isabeau.
Bo is the name of the Obama family dog.
Face of Boe, character from Dr Who
Bo Hess, little girl from Signs played by Abigail Breslin
Boniface "Bo" from Cornelia Funke's "The Thief Lord"
Bo Derek Thompson, character on TV's "Superstore"

Bow, Boe, Beau