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Gender: F

Irish variation of Florence.

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Famous People Named Blathnaid

Meaning: Little flower

Flowers in Irish is Bláthanna

Gaelic folklore Bláthnaid is an Other-worldly Princess

Irish derivative of Florence:
Medieval English form of the Latin Florentia, which is derived from florens (blooming, flourishing, prosperous). The name was made popular by Florence Nightingale (1820 - 1910), a nurse in the Crimean War who is regarded as the founder of modern nursing.

Pop Culture References for the name Blathnaid

Pronounce: Bl-aw-Ned/Nade

Correct spelling: Bláthnaid

Pronounce: (bl)Awe

Nick-names include: Bebe, Bonnie, Bee, Florie, Bloss(om), Nadie, also names of flowers as Bláthnaid translates in English to flower.

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