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Gender: M Meaning of Berkeley: "where birches grow" Origin of Berkeley: English

The Brits say BARK-lee, but we pronounce it the same as the name of the California college: either way it's quite pretentious and of another era.

Famous People Named Berkeley

George Berkeley, Western Philosopher
Berkeley Breathed, cartoonist; creator of Bloom County
Berkeley Brynn Gross, daughter of actor Lance Gross
Berkeley Seon Dunbar, daughter of Rockmond Dunbar

Pop Culture References for the name Berkeley

Berkeley is a city in California.
Berkeley is a disused nuclear power station in Gloucestershire, UK.
The University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) is a top public university in California.
Berkeley Carroll, a K-12 private school in Brooklyn
Berkeley Hunt, cockney rhyming slang for c**t

Barcley, Berkie, Barkley, Berky, Barklie, Barklay, Berk, Berklee, Birkley, Berkley, Birkeley