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Gender: M Meaning of Benton: "bent grass enclosure" Origin of Benton: English surname and place name Benton's Popularity in 2015: #876

Benton is an old English surname of a type usually given to local landowners. It is also recorded in early records as Beneton and Bentune. Benton newly returned to the Social Security list in 2011 after a forty-plus year absence, perhaps as a fresh route to Ben.

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Famous People Named Benton

Benton Fletcher (aka. Major George Henry Benton Fletcher)- (1866-1944) A collector of early keyboard instruments, social worker, and archaeologist.
Benton Flippen (aka. James Benton Flippen) - (July 18, 1920-June 28, 2011) An American old-time, Round Peak style fiddler.
William Benton- former U.S. Senator
Benton Jennings - An American film, television, and stage actor
Benton Jay "Ben" Hall- (January 13, 1835-January 5, 1894) A former Democratic U.S. Representative from Iowa's 1st congressional district
Benton Johnson- (born in 1928) An American sociologist
Benton J. Underwood- (February 28, 1915–November 29, 1994) An American psychologist
Benton J. Campbell- A United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York from 2007-2010
Benton MacKaye- (March 6, 1879-Dec. 11, 1975) An American forester, planner and conservationist
Benton McMillin- (September 11, 1845-January 8, 1933) An American politician and diplomat

Pop Culture References for the name Benton

Constable Benton Fraser, character on the Canadian TV show "Due South"
Dr. Peter Benton, character on the American TV show "ER"
Dr. Benton C. Quest, character on the American TV show "Jonny Quest"
Congressman Benton Safford, character in R.B. Dominic's novels
The Benton Foundatio, American nonprofit organization
Benton Harbor Riots, riots in Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA, in 1966 and 2003
Bentonite, absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate, essentially impure clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite
Benton Sans, digital typeface family
Benton v. Maryland, 1969 American Supreme Court case concerning double jeopardy
Benton, Devon, near Bratton Fleming, UK
Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Benton, Alabama
Benton, Arkansas
Benton, California
Benton, Illinois
Benton, Indiana
Benton, Iowa
Benton, Kansas
Benton, Kentucky
Benton, Louisiana
Benton, Maine
Benton, Missouri
Benton, New Hampshire
Benton, New York
Benton, Pennsylvania
Benton, Tennessee
Benton, Wisconsin
Benton (town), Wisconsin
Benton Charter Township, Michigan
Benton Crossing, California
Benton Harbor, Michigan
Benton Paiute Reservation, California
Benton Ridge, Ohio
Fort Benton, Montana
Lake Benton, Minnesota