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Gender: F Meaning of Bella: "beautiful" Origin of Bella: Diminutive of Isabella, Italian Bella's Popularity in 2015: #74

Everything ella, from Ella to Bella to Arabella, is red hot right now. Bella was one of the less overused examples, with the hint of a nice Old World grandmotherly veneer, until it became attached to Twilight's Bella Swan. Bella shot up the charts in 2009, jumping 64 spots to number 58, falling to Number 74 in 2014. Though if you're thinking of naming your daughter Bella, be aware that there are a lot of little girls whose proper names are Isabella, Arabella etc. who are called Bella.

In pre-Twilight literature, Bella Wilfer is the central character in Charles Dickens's Our Mutual Friend.

Mark Ruffalo, Billy Bob Thornton, David Boreanaz and Eddie Murphy are all dads to Bellas. A strong feminist namesake is Bella Abzug.

Bella was in use as far back as the thirteenth century, then disappeared until the eighteenth when it became fashionable.

Famous People Named Bella

Bella Abzug, U.S. Congresswoman from New York
Bella Freud, English fashion designer
Bella Pilar, American illustrator
Isabella "Bella" Khair Hadid, American model
Annabella "Bella" Thorne, American actress
Arwen Arabella "Bella" Hardy, English folk singer
Isabella "Bella" Heathcote, Australian actress
Bella Lewitzky, American choreographer
Bella Rosenfeld Chagall, Belarusian novelist; wife of painter Marc Chagall
Bella Cohen Spewack, American playwright and screenwriter with husband Samuel Spewack
Bella Monroe James, daughter of rapper Juelz Sanchez
Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz, daughter of actor David Boreanaz
Bella Wayans, daughter of actor Keenen Ivory Wayans
Isabella Jane "Bella" Cruise, daughter of actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Isabella "Bella" Loggins, daughter of singer Kenny Loggins
Bella Thornton, daughter of actor Billy Bob Thornton and Connie Angland

Pop Culture References for the name Bella

Isabella "Bella" Swan, main character in the awful series Twilight
Bellatrix "Bella" Lestrange, character in Harry Potter series
Bella Monroe, character in the video game Siren: Blood Curse
Bella, character in play "Lost in Yonkers" by Neil Simon
Bella, character in TV series "Young Americans"
Isabella "Bella" Hartley, mermaid from "H2O: Just Add Water"
Bella Goth (nee Bachelor), character in "The Sims" (1-4) video/computer games
Isabella Jane "Bella" Cooper, character on New Zealand soap "Shortland Street"
Bella Dawson, main character on TV's "Bella and the Bulldogs"
Bella Sharpe, character on British soap "Hollyoaks"
Bella Moriarty Spellgrove, character in "Sherlock Holmes: The Musical"
Bella Baratheon, minor character in the Game of Thrones series
Bella Rose King, character on Australian soap "Home and Away"
Bella, character in Erin Hunter's book series "Warriors"
Bella Crossley, character on TV's "Evermoor"

Bella, Bellette, Bell, Belia, Bela