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Gender: F Meaning of Aya: "bird" Origin of Aya: Hebrew Aya's Popularity in 2015: #886

Simple names have their appeal, but Aya, barely more than a breath, maybe be too simple. Similar and prettier: Maya or Anya.

Famous People Named Aya

Aya Hirano, Japanese pop singer
Aya Matsuura, Japanese pop singer
Aya Jones, French-Jamaican model
Aya Cash, American actress
Aya Kanai, fashion director of "Cosmopolitan" and "Seventeen" magazines.

Pop Culture References for the name Aya

Aya Al-Rashid, character on TV's "The Originals"
Aya Fuse, character in "Extras" by Scott Westerfeld
Aya Brea, character in the video game series Parasite Eve
Aya Drevis, main character in video game "Mad Father"
Aya Mikage, main character in manga "Ceres, Celestial Legend"
Aya, also Japanese for "fragile, delicate"
Aya, any verse in the Qur'an

Ayala, Ayla