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Gender: F Pronunciation: ay-vee-ahn-a Meaning of Aviana: "bird" Origin of Aviana: Variation of Avis, Latin Aviana's Popularity in 2015: #661

Aviana is a name that's kinda like the megapopular Ava, and kinda like the popular Ariana, and not quite as widely appealing as either of them. But it's on everyone's scope now as the choice of actress Amy Adams for her new daughter -- ironic as she was quoted as saying she wanted a "normal" name. Turns out that Adams was born in Aviano, Italy, explaining the mystery.

Famous People Named Aviana

Aviana Olea Le Gallo, (b. 2010), daughter of American actress Amy Adams
Aviana Rakić (b. 2014), daughter of Serbian footballer Đorđe Rakić

Pop Culture References for the name Aviana

Dita Aviana, character on Philippine TV series "Dwarfina"