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Gender: F Meaning of Aurora: "dawn" Origin of Aurora: Latin Aurora's Popularity in 2015: #79

Aurora, the poetic name of the Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew, and of (Disney's) Sleeping Beauty, would be sure to make any little girl feel like a princess.

The radiant Aurora, also associated with the scientific term for the Northern Lights, has consistently been on the popularity list since the nineteenth century, but is now at its highest point ever-- and looks to climb even further. Aurora is a Top 10 girls' name on Nameberry.

Aurora Leigh is the name of an epic poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Aurora Greenway was the moving Shirley Maclaine character in Terms of Endearment.

An Aurora nickname possibility with a totally different feel: Rory.

Famous People Named Aurora

Aurora Königsmarck, mistress of Augustus the Strong, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland (1662–1728)
Aurora Wilhelmina Koskull, Swedish lady-in-waiting, singer and salonist/socialite (1778–1852)
Aurora Karamzina nee Stjernvall, Finnish-Swede philanthropist and noblewoman (1808–1902)
Aurora Ljungstedt, Swedish horror writer (1821-1908)
Aurora Cáceres, Peruvian-European writer of the "modernismo" literary movement (1877–1958)
Aurora Quezon, first spouse of a Philippine president to be called First Lady (1888–1949)
Aurora Nilsson, Swedish writer (1894–1972)
Aurora Reyes Flores, Mexican painter and member of the Mexican muralism movement
Aurora Castillo, Mexican-American who co-founded the Mothers of East Los Angeles (MELA) organization
Aurora Estrada Orozco, Mexican American community leader
Aurora Venturini, Argentine writer
Aurora Bautista, Spanish film Actress
Aurora Clavel, Mexican film and television actress
Aurora Pijuan, 1970 winner of the Miss International Beauty Pageant
Aurora "Rory" Block, American blues guitarist and singer
Aurora Levins Morales, Puerto Rican writer and poet
Aurora Cunha, Portuguese long-distance runner
Aurora Robles, Mexican Supermodel
Aurora Carlson, Television presenter and China scholar
Aurora Browne, Canadian actress and comedian
Aurora 'Rory' Martínez, Mexican director with over 70 published films
Aurora Perrineau, American actress, daughter of actor Harold Perrineau and model Brittany Perrineau
Aurora Jessop, daughter of Robyn Brown of "Sister Wives" from a previous marriage
Aurora Rose Levesque, daughter of professional wrestlers Paul Michael "Triple H" Levesque and Stephanie McMahon (b. 2006)
Rainbow Aurora Rotella, daughter of Pasquale Rotella and Holly Madison (b. 2013)

Pop Culture References for the name Aurora

Aurora, Roman goddess of the dawn
Aurora aka Briar Rose, princess in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"
"Aurora Leigh," poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and its main character
Aurora Sinistra, character in the Harry Potter series
Aurora (born Jeanne-Marie Beaubier), character in Marvel Comics
Aurora Ponce de Leon, main character on telenovela "Aurora"
Aurora Greenway, main character in movie "Terms of Endearment"
Aurora Thyma, character in "After London" (1885) by Richard Jefferies
Aurora, talking telescope on animated series "Doc McStuffins"
Aurora, main character in video game "Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy"
"Aurora," song by Bjork
Aurora, character in 2015 movie "Maleficent"
Aurora de Martel, character on TV series "The Originals"

Ora, Rory, Zora, Orie, Rora, Zorica, Ori, Arora

Aurora's International Variations

Aurore (French)