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Gender: M Meaning of August: "great, magnificent" Origin of August: German form of Latin Augustus August's Popularity in 2015: #195

August has been heating up in Hollywood--used by Mariska Hargitay, Lena Olin, Dave Matthews and Jeanne Tripplehorn, (and by Garth Brooks for his daughter), and is rapidly becoming the preferred month of the year for boys. The month of August was named after the Emperor Augustus.

August has two august literary namesakes: the Swedish playwright August Strindberg (it has always been a popular name in Scandinavia), and August Wilson, as well as photographer August Sander.

The French version is Auguste (ow-GOOST), as in Edgar Allan Poe's clever detective Auguste Dupin and famed sculptor Auguste Rodin.

Famous People Named August

Sir August Manns, German-born British musical conductor in charge of the Crystal Palace concerts
August Wilson, American playwright
August Strindberg, Swedish dramatist
August Diehl, German actor
August von Kotzebue, German writer
August Floyd Coppola, American author and film executive; father of Nicolas Cage
August Oliver Matthews, son of singer Dave Matthews
August Oetker, who started the Dr. Oetker baking company
August Manning Weatherly, son of American actor Michael Weatherly
August Alsina, R&B Singer
August Maturo, American child actor, and older brother of Ocean
August Thyssen, German businessman

Pop Culture References for the name August

August Rush- main character in the movie of the same name
August "Auggie" Pullman- main character in "Wonder" by RJ Palacio
August "Auggie" Anderson- character in "Covert Affairs"
August Rosenbluth- character in "Water for Elephants"
Protagonist in the novel "The Adventures of Augie March" by Saul Bellow.
August Wayne Booth - Once Upon A Time Character

Augie, Gussie, Gus

August's International Variations

Agustin, Augusto, Agostino, Agusto (Spanish) Augustin, Augustinos (Greek) Agosto (Italian) Agoston, Agusztav (Hungarian) Auguste, Août (French) Aguistin, Agaistin (Irish) Avgust (Russian)