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Gender: F Pronunciation: an-THEE-ah Meaning of Anthea: "flowery" Origin of Anthea: Greek

Popularity: this week.

This unjustly neglected floral name has a BBC accent and a Greek mythological heritage: Anthea is an epithet of Hera, the Greek queen of the gods, and her name has been used as poetic symbol of spring.

Anthea Disney is a high-powered business executive and distant relative of Walt.

So if you want to go even beyond Azalea and Anemone, you might consider Anthea.

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Famous People Named Anthea

Anthea Anka, American screenwriter and singer
Anthea Askey, British actress (in Britain the pronunciation is always AN-thee-uh, not An-THEE-uh)
Anthea Crawford, Australian fashion designer (ditto re pronunciation)
Anthea Redfern, British television presenter
Anthea Turner, British television presenter

Pop Culture References for the Name Anthea

Anthy (short for Anthea), character in anime Revolutionary Girl Utena
Anthea Stonem, mother of Tony and Effy on the British TV series Skins
Anthea, the alias of a character on the TV show Sherlock
Famous literary reference: 17th century English poet Robert Herrick's poem "To Anthea, Who May Command Him Anything"

Annthea, Antha, Anthe, Antheemia, Antheia, Anthemia, Anthemya, Antheya, Anthia, Anthymia, Antia, Thia