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Gender: F Origin of Annalise: Combination of Anna and Lise Annalise's Popularity in 2015: #409

Variously spelled Annalise and Annaliese, this is not a modern smoosh but a traditional German combo-name (the liese part coming from a short form of Elizabeth, with a definite Heidi-esque feel). But though it may be seen as old style in Germany, it's a recent success in this country: Annalise jumped onto the popularity list for the first time in 1997, and is now at Number 409.

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Famous People Named Annalise

Annalise Foxx, daughter of American actor Jamie Foxx

Pop Culture References for the name Annalise

Annalise Keating, character played by Viola Davis on the TV series 'How to Get Away with Murder'

Annalise's International Variations

Anneliese, Anneli (Scandinavian)