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Gender: F Meaning of Andrea: "strong and manly" Origin of Andrea: Feminine variation of Andrew, Greek Andrea's Popularity in 2015: #117

Andrea -- a feminine form of Andrew (and a male name in several European cultures)-- comes with a good selection of pronunciations-- ANN-dree-a, AHN-dree-a, or ahn-DRAY-a--each with a slightly different image: girl next door/slightly affected/downright exotic

Andrea's popularity, while never huge, remained surprisingly steady for many years--until 2013, it hadn't been knocked out of the Top 100 since 1962! There have been countless featured on-screen characters named Andrea, on vehicles from the original Beverly Hills 90210 to The West Wing to The Devil Wears Prada.

Originally the Italian male form of Andrew, Andrea is found across many European cultures--for one gender or the other.

Famous People Named Andrea

Andrea Bowen, American actress
Andrea Baker, American actress
Andrea Corr, Irish singer
Andrea Romano, American voice actress
Andrea Lewis, Canadian actress
Andrea Nicole Parker, American actress
Andrea Jean Hall, American actress; twin sister Deirdre Hall
Andrea Laura Barber, American actress known for Kimmy Gibbler on Full House
Andrea Kay "Missi" Pyle, American actress
Andrea Rose Russett, Youtuber
Andrea Joy "AJ" Cook, Canadian actress

Pop Culture References for the name Andrea

Andrea Doria, Italian luxury liner that sank in 1956 off Nantucket
Andrea Malone, from the TV series "Crumbs"
Andrea, character on "Ghost Whisperer"
Andrea Cantillo, character on AMC'S "Breaking Bad"
Andrea, character from AMC's "The Walking Dead," played by Laurie Holden
Andrea "Andie" McPhee, character on Dawson's Creek
Andrea Zuckerman, intellectual member of the gang on "Beverly Hills 90210"
Andrea, character in Yesterday's child, by Barbara Wood
Andrea "Andy" Sachs, character in the 2006 film "The Devil Wears Prada" played by Anne Hathaway