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Gender: F Origin of Amira: Hebrew, Arabic, feminine variation of Amir Amira's Popularity in 2015: #381

This shimmery name, often given to girls born on the harvest feast of Shavuot, and also used in the Arab community, is increasing in popularity.

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Famous People Named Amira

Amira Ahmed, Somali-Filipino model
Amira al Hayb, Israel's first female Bedouin soldier in combat position
Ameera al-Taweel, Princess of Saudi Arabia
Amira Ben Amor, Tunisian long-distance runner (2012 Olympics)
Amira Ben Chaabane, Tunisian sabre fencer
Amira K. Bennison, historian of the Middle East & Islamic Studies
Amira Casar, French actress
Amira Dotan, Israeli military figure (ex-member of Knesset for Kadima)
Amira Edrahi, Libyan swimmer (2004 Olympics)
Amira Hass, Israeli left-wing Journalist
Amira Hess, Israeli poet & artist
Amira McCarthy, member of British girl group Neon Jungle
Amira Nowaira, Egyptian academic, translator, columnist & author
Amira Pyliotis, stage name Tecoma; Australian roots singer/songwriter
Amira Sartani, Israeli former politician (member of the Knesset)
Amira Selim, Egyptian soprano & opera singer
Amira Griselda Gomez Tueme, Mexican politician affiliated with PRI

Pop Culture References for the name Amira

Amira, Niger-Congo language spoken in Sudan by about 600 people
Amira, software platform for 3D & 4D data visualization
Amira Arras, town & commune in Algeria (pop. 18, 700)
Amira Masood, fictional character from BBC soap EastEnders
Amira Krimani, character from TV series "Veronica Mars"

Amirah, Ameerah, Ameera