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Gender: F Meaning of Amabel: "lovable" Origin of Amabel: Latin

Amabel is an older name than Annabel and a lot more distinctive. Amabel was a very common name in the twelfth and thirteen centuries, then was revived during the nineteenth century British fad for medieval names.

In a short story by H.H. Munro, about Amabel, the vicar's daughter, it is said "Her name was the vicar's one extravagance."

Amabel's shortened form Mabel overtook the mama name early on.

Famous People Named Amabel

Pop Culture References for the name Amabel

Amabel Swanson, character in the game Penumbra: Black Plague

Amabel is a kind and beautiful girl in Ken Follet's medieval epic, World Without End

Ama, Mab, Belle, Amabelle, Mabel, Annabelle