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Gender: F Origin of Alix: Diminutive of Alexandra, spelling variation of Alex, variation of Alice

Just like Alex, except you have to spell it every time.

Famous People Named Alix

Alix Victoria Helena Louise Beatrice of Hesse, birth name of Alexandra Romanov, last Tsarina of Russia
Alix Marie Anne Antoinette Charlotte Gabrielle, Dowager Princess de Ligne, Princess of Luxembourg
Alix of France, second daughter of King Louis VII and Eleanor of Aquitaine.
Alix Barton aka Madame Grès (born Germaine Émilie Krebs), French fashion designer
Alix Bidstrup, Australian actress
Alix Olson, American spoken word poet
Alix Bauer (Tapuach), Mexican pop singer
Alix Bushnell, New Zealand actress
Alix Dobkin, American folk singer-songwriter
Alix Kates Shulman, American novelist and memoirist
Alix Smith, American photographer
Alix Bancourt, French fashion blogger of thecherryblossomgirl

Pop Culture References for the name Alix

Alix Miller, character in movie "Beauty"
Originally a female name, from Alice.
Pronounced like Alex, and as ah-LEEKS

Aliks, Aliki, Alixia, Allix, Alexa, Allyx, Alex, Alexis, Alyx, Alixe