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Gender: F Pronunciation: eye-EE-da Meaning of Aida: "happy" Origin of Aida: Arabic

Aida is a melodic name largely associated with the title character of the 1871 Verdi opera, an enslaved Ethiopian princess who dies to save her people. In the past, her name was rarely heard outside the Latino community, but in the current time of love for all A-starting girls' names, this could very well change.

Aida did have a period of some U.S. popularity; in 1954, it reached as high as Number 663, but fell off the list in 1976.

Arabic families often pronounce it with two syllables--as EYE-dah--rather than three.

Aida Turturro played Tony Soprano's sister in The Sopranos.

Famous People Named Aida

Aida M. Alvarez, first Latina to hold US Cabinet-level position
Aida Alberti, Argentine film actress of the 1940s and 1950s
Aida Al-Manhali, popular Khaleeji musician from United Arab Emirates
Aida Badic‡, a former Croatian artistic gymnast
Ai­da Bortnik, an Argentine screenwriter
Aida Baraku, Albanian Kosovar singer, composer, journalist & producer
Aida Corbadzic, Bosnian opera singer
Aida Roman, Mexican athlete competing in archery
Aida Turturro, actress in the Sopranos
Aida Yasuaki, AKA Aida Ammei (male), Japanese mathematician
Aida Yespica, Miss Venezuela

Pop Culture References for the name Aida

Aïda, name created for Ethiopian princess in Giuseppe Verdi's opera
Aida, a Japanese surname meaning 'runs across the field'
Aida Braverman, Crosby and Jasmine's daughter on "Parenthood"
Aida, main character on Rinmaru's visual novel "Ascension"
"Aida" the Broadway musical

Aidah, Ieeda, Aide, Aeeda, Iyeeda, Ayeeda, Aidee, Aiden, Aidan