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Gender: F Pronunciation: ae-lee-AHN Meaning of Eliana: Hebrew, "my God has answered"

The soignée French member of this family of names.

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Famous People Named Éliane

Éliane Assassi, French Senator
Éliane Radigue, French electronic music composer
Éliane Georgette Diane de Meuse, Belgian painter
Éliane Dohi Droubry, Ivorian Olympic swimmer
Éliane Duthoit, French United Nations humanitarian coordinator
Éliane Amado Levy-Valensi, French-Israeli psychologist and philosopher

Pop Culture References for the name Éliane

Elianna, Elice, Eliana, Elianne, Elyette, Ellianne, Elia, Eliette, Elliane

Éliane's International Variations

Eline (Dutch)