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    Initial "Names" (Like A.J.)


    I don't think I've ever seen this topic before, and I'd like to know people's impressions. I'm sure we've all known at least one person who goes by their initials. I knew a guy named John Thomas _______ who was known as J.T. all through school. So, I'm going to throw out some initial "names," and I'd like you to give your impression of them. (How do you imagine this person? Boy, girl, or both? Sexy, cool, nerdy, quiet, obnoxious?)


    Feel free to add any others you've known!

    pet peeves: nicknames as given names; unconventional spellings; masculine names on girls
    not-so-guilty pleasures: five-syllable girls' names; virtue and nature names; over-the-top antique names for boys
    (if i repeat name suggestions in a thread, it's because i like them! no apologies here for repeats of great names! )

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    Re: Initial "Names" (Like A.J.)

    J.T. Upper class and aristocratic
    A.J. Mischievious boy
    D.J. See A.J. above
    P.J. Fun and spunky girl
    T.J. Loud and obnoxious boy
    G.K. Quiet and shy girl
    M.J. Cool heart breaker of a male

    Don't ask me from where I get these impressions - I don't even know anyone with some of these initials.
    All the best,

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    Re: Initial "Names" (Like A.J.)

    That is so first impressions are almost exactly what mischa described! :mrgreen: The only difference is that I see JT as a popular athlete.

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    Re: Initial "Names" (Like A.J.)

    You know a G.K.? I'm a musician and the only time I hear this combination of letters we're talking about the Gallien-Krueger bass amp. It doesn't have the right flow to me for a "name".

    For initial names in general, I'm used to the ones with "J" in the second place, it seems most natural. I have known a JT as well. Aside from DJ on full house and MJ in spiderman, I almost always associate these with boys... I guess just because the only ones I know in real life ARE guys. I'm thinking "J" is a common factor because "Jay" is more of a name/nickname unto itself than most of the other letters (though of those, the other letters I can think of on their own I'd say are more female: Dee, I know a "G" [Gloria], Kay, Elle, Emme).
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    Re: Initial "Names" (Like A.J.)

    I don't know what it is, but I really don't like initial names. They sound very country bumpkin to me. My daughter's initials are actually PJ, but I have forbidden any family members from calling her this on pain of death.

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