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    Opinions on My Names, Both Boys and Girls!

    I was just curious to see what everyone thought of my names, I am not expecting but would love feedback to help me later. Suggestions or similar names are welcomed as well. Rude comments are not. These are just my top 11, I do have more. Thanks!

    *** Also if you wouldn't mind checking out my other question, it is strictly my longer list of girl names and I would appreciate feedback as well.

    Alexzander Jonathan (Alex)
    Benjamin James (Ben)
    Lukas Michael (Luke)
    Harrison Thomas (Harris)
    Finnegan Drew (Finn)
    Theodore Reid (Theo)
    Nathaniel William (Nate)
    Nicholas Taylor (Nick)
    Gabriel Joseph (Gabe)
    Joshua Declan (Josh)
    Easton Christopher

    Cassandra Grace (Cassie)
    Charlotte Abbigale (Charlee)
    Jessamine Elizabethe (Jessie)
    Lillian Genevieve (Lilly)
    Evangeline Mae (Evan)
    Bethany Rose (Beth)
    Alexis Penelope (Lexie)
    Felicity Claire
    Laine Sophia
    Clarissa Gray (Clary)
    Lucy/Lucie Elliot

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    ~ Jonathan *Nate* Isaac ~ Theodore *Theo* Henry ~ Lukas *Luke* Montgomery ~

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    Alexzander Jonathan (Alex) - I like the combo, but I would suggest spelling the name Alexander. No need to complicate things.
    Benjamin James (Ben) - Good name. You might also like Bennett.
    Lukas Michael (Luke) - I like it.
    Harrison Thomas (Harris) - I like it. It's not my style, but the combo is nice.
    Finnegan Owen (Finn) - I like both names, but the similar N ending makes it sound sing-songy.
    Theodore Casey (Theo) - I'm not a big fan of the name Theodore, but it's all right.
    Nathaniel William (Nate) - I like it.
    Nicholas Taylor (Nick) - I like it.
    Gabriel Joseph (Gabe) - I love it.
    Joshua Declan (Josh) - I like it.
    Easton Drew - I like it.


    Cassandra Grayce (Cassie) - Good-sounding combo, but the spelling of Grace is a bit off-putting.
    Charlotte Abbigail (Charlee) - Again, nice combination, but I prefer the conventional spelling of Abigail.
    Jessamine Elizabethe (Jessie) - Jessamine is a decent name. I like it as a way to get to Jessie that isn't Jessica. Again, though, I'd prefer to see the conventional spelling of Elizabeth.
    Lillian Genevieve (Lilly) - Not of fan of either name.
    Evangeline Mae (Evan) - Love this. Not wild about the nn Evan, but Evangeline Mae is a lovely combo.
    Bethany Rose (Beth) - I love this.
    Alexis Penelope (Lexie) - Alexis seems dated to me. What about Alexandra, which has a lovely classic feel?
    Felicity Claire - Nice.
    Layne Sophia - Not a fan of Layne - also, I would avoid a girl's name that starts with LAY. The boys I went to school with would have had a field day with that. Sophia is gorgeous, though.
    Hunter Lynne - Dislike.
    Lucy Elliette - Dislike.
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    For all of your names with non traditional spellings- Is there a reason you went with the non-traditional spelling?

    Alexzander Jonathan (Alex)- I much prefer Alexander, unless you will use Zander as a nickname.
    Benjamin James (Ben) - LOVE all Ben- names, and this is such a classic boy name.
    Lukas Michael (Luke)- I am not a fan of this spelling, but Lucas Michael is nice.
    Harrison Thomas (Harris)- I really love this one. It is my favorite on your list.
    Finnegan Owen (Finn)- I agree with frustratedauthor, the double n ending is a bit odd to say.
    Theodore Casey (Theo) - I love Theodore, but Casey is just a bit dated imo.
    Nathaniel William (Nate)- LOVE. My little brother is a Nathaniel/Nate (I picked it out)
    Nicholas Taylor (Nick)- I have always had a name crush on Nicholas, but Taylor is just too unisex. Other than that it is a nice combo.
    Gabriel Joseph (Gabe)- Cute!
    Joshua Declan (Josh)- Not a fan of Joshua, but I love Declan. Declan Joshua does sound better to me too.
    Easton Drew- I like this one.

    Cassandra Grayce (Cassie)- I have never really like either name.
    Charlotte Abbigail (Charlee)- I love Charlotte and Abigail, but together I don't really like them. I also prefer the nickname Lottie to Charlee/Charlie
    Jessamine Elizabethe (Jessie)- I don't like either name.
    Lillian Genevieve (Lilly)- Love!
    Evangeline Mae (Evan)- Actually one of my favorites!
    Bethany Rose (Beth)- Not a fan of Bethany, but I love Beth.
    Alexis Penelope (Lexie)- Alexis is very trendy, while Penelope is more classic, so the combo is a bit odd.
    Felicity Claire- love!
    Layne Sophia- I prefer Layne as a nickname to Delaney, but it is a cute combo.
    Hunter Lynne- I don't really like unisex names all that much.
    Lucy Elliette- Love love love Lucy, but not Elliette

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    Harrison Thomas, Finnegan Owen, Theodore Casey, Nathaniel William, Nicholas Taylor, and Joshua Declan are fantastic!

    Alexzander Jonathan, Lukas Michael, and Gabriel Joseph are all nice combinations. (Unless there is a reason you are using that spelling variation of Alexander, I would avoid it.)

    Although Benjamin James could work, I think a different middle name would be better. The repetition of the “J” stuck out to me. Benjamin Charles?

    Easton Drew is very cowboy sounding to me, and works nicely, but it seems out of place on your list.

    I like all of your nicknames except for Gabe, Harris, and Nick. Gabe just sounds a little dorky to me. What about Gable? I don’t think Harrison really needs a nickname, but if you are dead set on having one, what about Harry? As for Nick, I’ve always preferred Nicholas in full- it sounds so handsome.

    Jessamine Elizabethe, Lillian Genevieve, Evangeline Mae, Felicity Claire, and Lucy Elliette are lovely! (I would use the Elizabeth spelling)

    Cassandra Grayce, Charlotte Abbigail, Bethany Rose, Alexis Penelope, and Layne Sophia are fine. (I would use the Grace and Abigail spellings)

    Hunter Lynne sticks. All of your other names are very feminine, but Hunter screams boy to me!

    Your nicknames are nice, although I prefer all of the names in full. They’re so pretty! Charlee, Jessie, Evan, and Lexie are the only ones I don’t like. Charlee (Charlie) is too masculine, as is Evan. What about Lottie or Eva? Jessie is okay, but I think Jessa is even better. Lexie is fine, although it could lead to “Sexy Lexie”, so I just thought I’d mention it.
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    love - Owen Theodore (do not care for Theo but I love Teddie and Ted), Nathaniel, Nicholas, Declan, Drew, Charlotte (I do not care for Charlee, I love Lottie and Like Charlie), Lillian, Rose, Claire, Shopia

    like - Jonathan (I love John), Lucas (spelled this way, I love Luke), Harrison, Finnegan (I love Finn and Finley), Taylor, Gabriel, Mae, Alexis, Lucy

    neutral - Benjamin, James, Michael, Thomas, William, Joseph, Joshua, Easton, Cassandra, Abbigail (prefer it spelled Abigail), Genevieve, Bathany, Penelope (I do like the nickname of Poppy), Layne, Hunter (for a boy, I do not care for it for a girl), Lynne, Elliette (I prefer Elliot for either a boy or a girl)

    dislike - Alexzander (I feel neutral about Alexander), Casey, Grayce (I love Grace), Jessamine, Elizabethe (I love Elizabeth), Evangeline, Felicity
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