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    Hugo Warren and Edie Denise would be my choices
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    I prefer Esme to Edie because it's a full name, but the pronunciation issue is a turn off for me.

    Hugo and frank are both terrific. I can't choose, Hugo by a smidgen maybe?

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    Wow so hard to choose because I absolutely love all four! My vote is for Hugo and Esme!
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    Ava Helen and Hugo Warren (Hugh Warren would be very handsome)

    Ava Helen and Edie Denise (I love Edie, I have Edie Azure on my list)
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    I prefer Frank to Hugo, but Hugo sounds better with Ava.

    I'd go with Esme over Edie because 1) it's a full name, not a nickname and 2) Edie Denise sounds clunky. Too many Ds too close together.
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